Our purpose

Reduce textile waste for a better living environment on earth.


Our values

Kindness: Kindness is the most incredible service that we commit to offering to each other and our mother earth.

Fairness: We treat our suppliers, partners, and employees with fairness and respect to provide opportunities to develop and grow.

Responsibility: We take full responsibilities for our decisions and actions to lead the path of sustainable livings.

Learning: We learn from each other to find a better way to create sustainable living.


Our mission

We dedicate ourselves to applying collective creativity to build a positive society for our offspring.

The challenge we try to solve

We believe in redesigning textile products to be practical, durable and eco-friendly is the first step in reducing textile wastes. The next step is to use creativity to extend existing products' life by repurposing, redesigning and reusing instead of sending to landfill. Ultimately, we achieve reducing textile waste.


How we work

Collaboration is the key. We enjoy working with people from different backgrounds and with a similar goal/purpose. We encourage any individual, business, charity and NGO to reach out to start a fun and creative project to build our communities and societies into sustainable living.