Our Design Concepts


When we see there is room for improvements in any textile product, we will start from the root of the product and take deep thinking about the relationships among human, the product and Mother Earth.

Designing our products, we always put Mother Earth first, then human being second.


It is because we believe that without Mother Earth, we humans cannot survive. Any product we design should lead us to live more sustainably. Appreciating what mother Earth provides to us, we always use our resources responsibly. Our design and product aim to be as easily biodegradable as possible. 

Design philosophy


Make sure both physical and emotional durability.


Cosy, comfy & soft these are the feelings we aim to achieve.


Closer to nature and without adding into too many human processes.



Maybe you have a few pieces of preloved or outdated garments. Alternative to putting into charity recycle bins, #Repurpose_n_Redesign is an upcycling solution for reducing textile waste and extending the lifespan of a garment. This solution strives to transform your preloved garments into something practical and fabulous that you can use again.

So, eventually, you lead your lifestyle to be more eco-friendly and sustainable.


#Repurpose_n_Redesign project


the project is about

What we
want to achieve

A textile upcycling project involves the local community talents and drives to create positive impacts for our society and environment by supporting the local workforce and reducing textile waste.

  • Localising textile waste reduction.

  • Reduce Textile Waste minimum 80% of weight per piece.

  • Save water and natural resources.

Why we
care about this project

How we
spend your payment

  • Support the local economy.

  • Create local employment opportunity.

  • Reduce textile waste.

  • Local seamstress wage: 59%

  • Two-way postage fees: 28%

  • General administration fee: 10%.

  • Trimming tool, equipment maintenance & accessories: 3%.