The founder's message

The planet Earth that we live in is a gigantic bubble, and it has a complex circular ecosystem.

We, human, are a part of this circular ecosystem. Every action we take will have a cause on us, both short-term and long-term. Like, we plant a tree in our garden. Short-term may be to make the garden nicer and have more gardening works. The long-term can contribute to CO2 storage and have a foundation structure for building a beautiful family treehouse. Due to our survival instinct, the short term could weigh heavily on our decision making; the long-term effects might weigh slightly. It is unlikely that we can move to another giant blue planet in a foreseeing near future. We should take good care of our living environment and try to focus on a long-term view.

As humans, usually, we don’t learn or act unless we feel the pains. Ignorance, arrogant, selfish, neglect and numbness are slowly destroying us. The latest example is the risk management of Covid19 pandemic situation in most countries. Many countries in the world didn’t suggest the public using face covering and did not a strict control, so as a result, causing millions of lives lost. The pandemic further exposed the root problems that we face: environments, climate, unfair societies, cultural conflicts, ineffective resource management and health. These problems will continue building if we don’t deal with them. Those Hollywood doomsdays films will become true for our future. Do you want the doomsday-like future for our children?

As we can see how the covid19 vaccines were developed, we can quickly achieve a goal when we government-business-society work together. No individual can solve these problems alone. Deep collaboration across the government-business-society levels is urgently required.

End of More is a social enterprise. We dedicate applying creativity to make our society lifestyle more and more sustainably. We aim to positively impact and improve situations - unfair societies, cultural conflicts, and ineffective resource management - through our work.

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