What do we know about Sustainability? How to live more sustainably?

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

Sustainability is a big word. Almost everyone talks about it. Everyone has their own definition. What is the End of More's definition of Sustainability? We believe true sustainability means, first we humans consume and use resources what is only necessary to meet our needs, and second, we spare enough resources for our future generations. In simple words, we should not be greedy and should think about what to reserve for your children or grandchildren.

But, what does sustainability mean for your daily life? I can give you a simple example of shopping for clothes. In most people's wardrobe, there is a set of daily outfit at a current season that hasn't been worn for over 2 weeks. You might buy it on sale without thinking much, the outfit is not trending any more, or you could forget having it. No matter what, that set of clothing is evidence of overconsuming and more than you need. To be sustainable, you shall at least wear once per 10-14 days. Why 10-14 days? You don't need to wash too often, meaning using much water and energy by the washing machine. A washing machine usually can handle at least 6 kg of clothes, something like 5 or 6 sets of outfits.

How does End Of More help you with the sustainable living? End of More only offers the textile products that everyone is already using, but the products are made in higher quality standards and made of sustainable sources. Comfort, durability, gender equality and eco-friendly are the core values to develop End of More products.

  • Durability:  we use sport wearing design construction and extra strong cotton thread. With our easy handling wash care instruction, our garment will keep in good shape for a long time, such as no wrinkled collar. Also, The product offers higher value to price compared to a similar product.

  • Comfort: high-quality breathable knit design with spongy feel make you feel warm and cosy, perfect for loungewear and suitable for indoor exercises. Comfy and functional offer our customer's multiple purposes - active or relaxing - it is your choice.

  • Eco-friendly: By using only one type of material to make the garments 100% pure cotton (main fabric organic cotton with GOTS certified + thread and labels normal cotton), our garment will be easy for recycle, reuse or redesign in its afterlife. Additionally, we use no dye and no harmful chemicals. We aim to make our garment as natural and original as possible from the raw material. You are doing something good for the environment and society.

  • Gender equality: we promote gender equality, so we do not separate our garments into male and female sessions. No matter who you are, you will look amazing with End of more's garments.

Changing your wardrobe overnight is wasteful and unsustainable. We only ask you to try our products when you need to change the worn or broken ones.

Start your sustainable living today for creating a better future!

We are welcome for discussions. Please let a comment below! :)

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